NAD eNews 7/17/12

NAD eNews – 2012 NAD Conference, New President Vlog

New President, New Vlog!

We proudly introduce the first vlog of Chris Wagner, the new President
of the National Association of the Deaf! Watch President Wagner
now and learn more about his plans for the future of the NAD. President
Wagner was just elected at the 51st Biennial NAD Conference in
Louisville, Kentucky. Join us in welcoming President Wagner aboard- we
look forward to his leadership as the NAD enters a new era, with lots
of new priorities and continuing commitments.

Learn more about the Elections Process!

Are you itching to learn more about the Elections that happened during
the NAD Conference? Want to see your Delegates in action, during a hot
debate? We’re willing to bet you are- which is why you [4]should watch
this video and learn about your new Board members, delegates and

Miss Deaf America 2012 – 2014

Congratulations to the NEW Miss Deaf America, Chanel Gleicher!

On Friday July 7th, we witnessed the last-ever Miss Deaf America
Ambassador Program Finals! The event started at seven o’clock but the
line was already long at six with eager fans, families, friends and
attendees. The stage was beautifully lit up with colorful lights and
had two large screens on both ends of the stage creating a very
professional and exciting feel to the event. Fourteen young women all
competed to become the final Miss Deaf America! Read more right here-
we have all the details, including who won runner-ups, and who was
voted Miss Congeniality in the last-ever MDAA Finals!

NTID / RIT – Proud College Bowl Champions!

College Bowl Teams Face Off

Congratulations are due to the NTID / RIT College Bowl team- the RIT
Tigers roared ahead and seized the extremely shiny College Bowl trophy
on Thursday, July 6th, 2012. During the Finals, three familiar
opponents faced off against one another in Louisville. Gallaudet
University, NTID / RIT, and California State University, Northridge
all got off to a great start, and the competition was beyond intense!
Emcee Alana Bealwowed the audience with her knowledge of all things
Louisville- incidentially, the world’s largest manufacturer of disco
balls. It was Thursday Night Fever- and we have a score-by-score
breakdown of the entire competition!

#NAD12 Media Team Coverage

The NAD Media Team was everywhere during the conference! The volunteer
team included photographers, writers / bloggers, videographers, video
editors, Twitter folks, Instagram snappers, Facebook fans, web gurus
and a captionist! During the Conference, we captured over 60 hours of
video footage, snapped over 20,000 photos and published 524,781 words-
and counting, since we’re still talking about the Conference!

See all of our conference Instagram photos here.

Follow our #NAD12 Twitter feed here.

Thursday, July 5th Workshops

Workshops at the NAD Conference

Great ideas kept flowing at the NAD Conference, with innovative
workshops, energetic presenters, and open-ended idea exchanges. To see
what we’re talking about, watch our video recap of some workshops here,
and read more about these workshops and presenters!

In Conversation: Jack and Rosalyn Gannon at the NAD Conference!

Watch Jack and Rosalyn Gannon in conversation at the NAD Booth in the
Exhibit Hall during the 51st Biennial NAD Conference! They took a break
from signing Jack R. Gannon’s latest book, World Federation of the
Deaf: A History, to talk with each other about their experiences,
adventures and how this comprehensive history of the WFD came about-
join us and watch this wonderful chat!

2012 NAD Conference and DeaFestival LogoTell Us What You Think

About the 2012 NAD Conference!

Want to see more NAD T-shirts, or buy a “Nothing About Us, Without Us”
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about your NAD Conference experience, and what you’d like to see happen
in Atlanta in 2014!

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