2013 Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat

2013 Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat

Riverbend Christian Center

Glenrose, Texas

April 18 — April 21, 2013

The 2013 TRLDR is ready!

“For Such A Time As This…NOW!!” Esther 4:14

*To view 2013 Theme Design, click the TRLDR 2013 Flyer link below or TRLDR 2013 website link below.*

Greetings in the Lord! The 2013 Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat will be at the beautiful Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, Texas. This campsite is approximately 35 miles southwest from Fort Worth, Texas.

This is a 4-day non-denominational retreat; April 18 through April 21, 2013. Click (and bookmark) the Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat’s website below to view the details and information:

TRLDR 2013 Website: http://pages.suddenlink.net/one_jaguar/TRLDR.html

The other option to view the Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat’s flyer and the registration form is to download the three .pdf files below. These details and information can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download this free program quickly to your computer by clicking the URL below:

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader: If you do have Acrobat Reader, just click the three .pdf files located below. Please make sure your Acrobat Reader is the newest version. It automatically opens the Acrobat Reader program for you to view these files. You should not have any problems; but if you do, please do contact us.

1). Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat Flyer: TRLDR 2013 Flyer (PDF)


2). Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat Registration Form: TRLDR 2013 Registration (PDF)


Note: This registration form has 2 pages. If possible, please print this front and back of 1 piece of paper.
Before downloading to print, please view the registration form’s yellow sticky notes to read further details. You can print these notes.

3). Riverbend Retreat Center’s Consent Form: Riverbend Consent Form for 18 & Over


Riverbend Consent Form for Under 18


Note: It is important to mail the consent form for each adult and for each child with your registration form according to the Riverbend policy. Please click the right consent form and download it to be printed.

T.P.P.-TRLDR Payment Plan

Texas River of Life Deaf Retreat wants all of you to attend this retreat, because it is your retreat and GOD wants you to join us and experience the awesome presence of the LORD!

TRLDR has a new program, TRLDR Payment Plan, TPP, to help you to make monthly payment installments to attend this upcoming retreat or 2013 retreat. Instead of struggling to make a last-minute payment or finding yourself with no funds, TPP is the best option TRLDR has to offer; especially for families or large church groups. This is also a great opportunity for you to sponsor someone to attend TRLDR.

If TPP is for you, mail the TRLDR registration form, registration fee, the consent form and a letter requesting TPP program to the TRLDR Registrar right away. When the TRLDR Registrar receives your registration form, your registration fee, your consent form and your letter; the TPP instructions and payment booklet will be mailed to you right away. If you have further TPP questions, please e-mail to [email protected] with the subject heading “TPP,” or call Registrar Julie Fureigh at 806.553.0939 VP/VCO.

I will be accepting new TPP participants until December 31st, 2012 for 2013 TRLDR retreat, but I will be accepting new TPP participants after December 31st, 2012 for 2014 TRLDR retreat.

Once again, thank you for your great interest and come again! Spread the news to your family, your friends, and your church. May the LORD Jesus Christ begin to prepare your way to attend this retreat for you will be richly blessed by Him.

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