Job Opportunity: Bilingual Computer Literacy / Employment Specialist – Houston

Job Opportunity: Bilingual Computer Literacy / Employment Specialist – Houston

We have an opening in our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Department at Career & Recovery Resources, Inc. (CRR). If you know of anyone who is qualified and interested, please have them send me the following:

* Resume
* Cover Letter
* Completed Application (see below)

IMPORTANT: The applicant must be very fluent in American Sign Language. The starting salary is $30,000 a year with benefits starting after 3 months of employment. Please send the above to my attention at CRR. You may attach them to an email and send to me. Thank you!

Job Description

TITLE: Bilingual (ASL-English) Computer Literacy Instructor/ Employment Specialist

SUMMARY: Responsible for the Jesse H. Jones Computer and Technical Center. Teaches computer competency skills to adults who are deaf and hard of hearing to augment existing literacy skills. Provides full employment service case management to deaf/hard of hearing clients by assisting with job placement and retention. Assists with the documentation requirements related to the Dept. of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

PROGRAM: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS)


* Bachelor’s degree or higher, in rehabilitation, business, marketing, or related human services; and one year of documented experience providing employment services with assistance in computer usage to individuals; or
* Associate’s degree in computer science, rehabilitation, business, marketing, or related human services; and two years of documented experience in a professional or personal setting routinely working with people with the deaf or hard of hearing; or
* Extensive experience in the operation of computers, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite and Internet Explorer.
* Prior teaching experience.


* Ability to teach reading, writing and math, using computer and other technology.
* Experience in computer literacy instruction.
* Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and other sign systems.
* Intimate knowledge of deafness and deaf culture.
* Demonstrated advanced knowledge of current business application software.
* Ability to plan and organize work in a time efficient manner.
* Ability to work as a team member.
* Ability to represent agency in a professional manner.
* Excellent written and communication skills
* Excellent interpersonal skills.

* Maintains statistics on all enrollments and program participation, including certifications and levels achieved.
* Provides instruction in computer software for those students interested in and showing aptitude for word processing, spreadsheet and database software.
* Provides assistance in basic reading, writing and math skills in computer lab. Provide instruction in other areas, such as social studies, and science.
* Maintains records and complete reports on time.
* Develops individualized instructional plans to meet students’ academic needs. Review and evaluate students’ progress on an ongoing basis.
* Develops and implement culturally-appropriate assessment and evaluation of students.
* Maintains student documentation consistent with funding and program guidelines.
* Develops or adapt materials appropriate to the academic level of the students.
* Plans and implements a formalized computer literacy program with specific to track client progress.
* Provides comprehensive case management services to ensure that clients are properly prepared to engage in a successful job search.
* Develops and implement employment plan for each client and to that end, set realistic goals, action steps, and time frames for their successful completion.
* Provides for supportive services to enhance the clients’ ability to get a job (haircuts, referral for interviewing outfits, bus tokens for transportation to interviews, etc.).
* Conducts Job Readiness Skills Workshops in ASL.
* Solicits job orders and match clients to appropriate job openings.
* Other duties as assigned.


Kathy Walters, MS, Program Director
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
Career & Recovery Resources, Inc.
A United Way of Greater Houston Agency.
2525 San Jacinto
Houston, TX 77002
Email: [email protected]

CRR Computer Instructor Job Description (DOC)

CRR Employment Application (DOC)

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