Press Release: Sign Language Transcription


Press Release: Sign Language Transcription

Press Release: Sign Language TranscriptionFor information, please contact [email protected]


Where Captioners Meet Customers

CaptionMatch is offering an additional new clearinghouse for captioning of sign language media and events, including:

* Videos produced using sign language only
* Sign language interpreted videos, webinars, and other Internet broadcasts
*Real-time translation from sign language to text via CART/STTR, on-site or remotely

With an easy-to-use website, video producers can match their needs with captioners who know sign language and have the translation skills necessary to create quality subtitles.

In the past few years, the availability of relatively inexpensive broadband access to the Internet has been a boon to the deaf community. More and more videos with interpretation in languages ranging from ASL (American Sign Language) to ZGS (Chinese Sign Language) are being produced. There is now a need to deliver this content to a wider audience. Video producers realize that captioning is not only used by millions with hearing loss. It is also used by many others for language and learning needs, as well as by Internet search engines to find information.

The CaptionMatch working prototype is open for business. This is a matching service – a clearinghouse – not a captioning company. It has two main aims:

To make it easy for anyone to ask for captioning anytime.
To help captioning providers spread their services and knowledge to more people, whether they have extra time available to earn more or whether they need help on a captioning project.
Registration is free on the website (

For captioning of sign language interpreted videos, people fill out a captioning request form. When a registered captioning provider sees a request, they send a bid for the job, or questions, via CaptionMatch to the requester, who remains anonymous until a “match” is made. Requesters may receive proposals from more than one provider. When the “match” is complete, the provider pays a small fee to the service. The requester pays nothing to use the service. The two parties make their own arrangements as to captioning services and pricing. Providers can also use CaptionMatch to locate a subcontractor to assist them on a project.

With an estimated global population of six hundred million people with hearing loss or deafness, the need for captioning services is growing. CaptionMatch aims to increase accessibility to needed services while offering captioning providers an opportunity to increase their customer base and revenues. As the founder, L.E. Storck says, “We need to take advantage of whatever modern technology offers to support people who need and want to communicate with each other. The world needs new ideas that lead to a much more inclusive of quality captioning.” The well-respected advocacy organization Media Access Australia adds: “CaptionMatch is an interesting initiative with the potential to alert organisations to the value of captioning, and streamline the process of organising captioning.”

CaptionMatch is a deaf-owned company whose executives have significant experience in other successful startups. For further details, contact [email protected].


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