Deaf horse enlisted for police duties in Texas

Deaf horse enlisted for police duties in Texas


September 19, 2013 in News

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A deaf horse named Smash has been enlisted to serve with the Houston Police Department’s mounted patrol.

Smash became the first horse to have a formal graduation ceremony, after completing his training with flying colours.

The 9-year-old paint-horse gelding has a dedicated group of young women supporting him, who raised $US10,000 to support Smash in his Texas role. That money is enough to pay for his care for two years.

Smash’s rider, Officer Jeff Harris, praised the new police rookie.

He told ABC Local that Smash’s deafness may prove to be a strength in the often noisy environment in which he will have to perform his duties.

Team Smash, the young group of women sponsoring the gelding, were on hand for his graduation.

Spokeswoman Christi Roberts said: “Even though Smash is hearing-impaired, he has already proven to be an outstanding patrol horse.

“We, too, have special needs and we know that every goal can be reached.”

Smash is reportedly soaking up all the attention from Team Smash members, but it is now down to the serious business of police work.

Illinois-born Smash was donated to the police department for training in February.


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