Austin-Based Manos Unidas – Deaf Community Need Your Support

Austin-Based Manos Unidas – Deaf Community Need Your Support

Manos Unidas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Connecticut, USA, that is dedicated to providing educational and vocational opportunities to deaf people in Nicaragua, Central America. 

Communication is a right: Manos Unidas promotes sign language and literacy 

Mission:  Our mission is to ensure equal access to educational and vocational opportunities for deaf children and young adults by providing access to sign language, Spanish literacy, numeracy, and real-life job skills so they can become contributing members of society and the Deaf community. 

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The Equal Access Program funds interpreters for secondary education. In Nicaragua. Very few programs offer accessible post-elementary education to deaf students. 

Manos Unidas is improving access to education for deaf children in Ciudad Darío by providing interpreters in high school classrooms. 

Cultivating a better future, sign by sign is a scholarship program that connects deaf children with the opportunity to attend one of the few deaf schools in the country. 

These comprehensive scholarships cover all costs associated with attendance, including tuition, and room and board, which are impossible for most families to meet. 

Contribute to education by SPONSORING a scholarship student. 

Hands On is a community outreach program in the cities of El Sauce, León and San Juan de Limay, Estelí. The project’s goals are to provide access to Nicaraguan Sign Language (NSL) and Spanish literacy to local deaf children and young adults, making it possible for them to communicate and participate in a meaningful education. 

By promoting awareness of Deaf culture, use of sign language in the se communities among deaf individuals, their families and teachers, the program will create a sustainable knowledge base that can be passed on from generation to generation.


Be the link between silence and communication. MU provides equal access to sign language, Spanish literacy, and numeracy for deaf children and young, deaf adults. 

Pledge your ongoing support through monthly donations or an annual gift of $1,000 or more. 

Corporate Gift Matching Campaign 

Is your company socially responsible?

Make every $ count for $$ by starting a corporate gift matching campaign with your employees. 

Donate Your Miles! 

The sky is the limit when you donate your frequent flyer miles so that Manos Unidas affiliates can share their expertise in language acquisition and deaf education with educators in Nicaragua.

Mailing address: 
Manos Unidas 
P.O. Box 15952 
Austin, TX 78761-5952 

[email protected]

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Its unstable political and economic history has led to a high unemployment rate and poor quality public education. For deaf people, these limitations are even more trying; adequate job training and special education are extremely inaccessible, especially for rural families. 


Give the gift of communication by sponsoring a scholarship student, a sign language interpreter or a rural sign language program. 

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