Job Opportunity: FT Professor ASL / IPPD – DFW

FT Professor – ASL / IPPD (12 months)
Fall 2014

Location: Collin College (Near Dallas area)
Education, Training and Experience Requirements *
Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution required. Eighteen or more graduate hours of Deaf Studies and/or American Sign Language coursework required.  Doctoral degree preferred.

National or state Certified Interpreter or Certified Deaf Interpreter status required.  If state certification only held, certification must be Advanced or Master level, with a preference for a Master level.

A minimum of five (5) years of teaching experience in the Interpreting field preferred.

A minimum of two (2) years of program coordination experience preferred.

Must be a native or near-native ASL user.

Community college or university teaching experience is desired.

This position is scheduled to begin Fall 2014. Applicants must fully complete the employment application and attach copies of qualifying transcripts (including NACES certified evaluations to determine U.S. equivalency if applicable) in order to be considered.  

Essential Functions:
Teach assigned courses in accordance with the course syllabus and college policy.

Assist with coordinating and evaluating the IPPD program curriculum, course syllabi, and lab assignments to ensure appropriate language and interpreting skill development are achieved. Revise and update curriculum as needed.

Maintain and monitor practicum sites and site placements.

Assist chair in training and supervising Associate Faculty. Provide advice and/or assistance to associate faculty in regard to course content and instructional materials.

Provide support in coordinating ASL Lab and the Interpreting Lab schedules and operations, including monitoring lab resources, materials and sign-in procedures.

Assist chair in training and supervising ASL and Interpreting Lab Assistants. Standardize methodologies and techniques among Lab Assistants as needed.

Function as an ASL language model.

Continue to update and revise course content and teaching methodology in order to maintain currency and relevance.

Maintain familiarity with current texts, materials, teaching aids and techniques relative to courses within the discipline and recommend their adoption when appropriate.

Actively seek ways to improve instruction.

Provide advice and/or assistance to associate faculty in regard to course content and instructional materials.

Post and observe a minimum of six office hours per week for purposes of academic advising and student consultation.Hold office hours at times which will be most convenient for students.Meet with students as needed by appointment.

Advise and assist students during the ongoing registration process.

Actively participate in discipline, division and college-wide task forces and committees for an average of two hours per week.

Attend scheduled discipline, division, IPPD Advisory Board and college-wide meetings.

Actively participate in assisting the college to maintain standards required for accreditation.

Perform registration tasks determined in consultation with the division dean.

Participate in full regalia in official graduation ceremonies.

Work with Library staff in the selection of print and non-print materials in the overall collection development of the Library.

Establish annual objectives mutually determined with the division dean, including personal and professional growth plans.

Maintain state-of-the-art knowledge and competence in the appropriate academic disciplines.

Contribute to and participate in staff development programs.

Participate in community activities and services.

Teaching assignments may be on one or more of the college's campuses or offsite locations and may include concurrent enrollment, distance education, evening and weekend programs, online instruction and other instructional modalities. Non-teaching assignments include instructional development, academic advising and assisting students, registration assignments, participating in college-wide activities and task forces, and other appropriate responsibilities. These responsibilities may be scheduled within the flexible 225-day (12 month) faculty contract.

Other duties as assigned

Performs all duties and maintains all standards in accordance with college policies, procedures and Core Values.

 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Proficient computer use skills.

Proficient use of instructional technologies.

Extensive knowledge of ASL, Contact Variety English-Contact Variety ASL, Oral Interpreting Techniques, and Deaf Blind Interpreting Techniques.

Knowledge of guidelines and laws pertaining to Interpreters.

Knowledge of and adherence to the Interpreting Professional Code of Conduct.

Knowledge of ASL grammatical aspects and features.

Knowledge of Deaf Culture norms, values, and behaviors. 

Knowledge of interpreting processes and basic interpreting theories.

Knowledge and application of cross-cultural communication techniques.

Organizational skills with the ability to compile research or refer students to articles videos and/or other resources.  

Ability to work cooperatively and communicate effectively as a team member within the department and division and with students, faculty, and staff.

Rachael Lipsett
Human Resources Consultant
Collin College
972.548.6660 (office)
972.985.3778 (fax)
Email: [email protected]

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