Job Opportunity: Job Coach – San Antonio

Job Coach (Vance Jackson & 410)

Compensation: The position is part-time, on-call and pays $10.00 hourly, including mileage reimbursement; weekly pay.

Contract job part-time

A Job Coach works with persons who may have a variety of disabilities, including physical, intellectual, emotional and social impairments. We also work with clients who are visually impaired, Blind, hard of hearing or Deaf. As a job coach, you may find yourself, working side-by-side with the client, demonstrating how to perform a simple or complex task, such as bagging groceries, custodial tasks, learning a function on the computer, or reading/writing for a visually impaired or Blind individual during their orientation to a new job. Work hours change depending on the client that you will be coaching. You may work during the day, during a client’s orientation process and later in the evenings and weekend as you begin training them on the job
A job coach allows for an Employer to hire an individual with a disability who may need individualized training or additional supports on the job that the Employer is not able to provide. The job coach communicates with the Employers, co-workers and the Placement Specialist who helped the individual find the job to provide and receive feedback on the client’s performance at work. The job coach also completes reports, detailing work activities and issues that may occur during the job coaching shift. 
Job coaching is both a fulfilling and challenging position, it requires a person who has a passion for working with individuals with disabilities and has the ability to train or instruct a person on-the-job. As a job coach, the training you provide will help your clients maintain employment.
Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D., Driver’s license, access to a vehicle to travel to work sites, transport clients if needed, and auto insurance. 
Ideally, a person who has experienced job coaching or personal/work experience serving the disabled community.
The person MUST be able to work evenings, nights, and weekends and is available within short notice, same day or next day. Bilingual in English and Spanish or proficiency in ASL is highly desirable. 
Persons with disabilities, college students and retirees are encouraged to apply.Please email your resume and availability to the craigslist contact email.

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