New Serene Innovations CA-380 Notification System

New Serene Innovations CA-380 Notification System

The new CentralAlert CA-380 Wearable Notification System from Serene Innovations is a personal signaling system that alerts individuals to phone calls and texts via a wearable personal receiver and detachable bed shaker.

Included in this system are two new products, the CA-CX Phone Signaler and the CA-PX Wearable Personal Receiver, as well as a bed shaker and a wireless doorbell.

The CA-CX Phone Signaler (HC-CACX) notifies you of calls on your home landline and cell phone, Skype™, FaceTime™ and text messages and sends a signal to your wearable receiver.

The CA-PX Wearable Personal Receiver (HC-CAPX) notifies you by vibration, sound and/or flashing icons.
The CA-380 system can be expanded and customized with other transmitters, receivers and accessories (each sold separately).

Find the CA-380 Notification System (HC-CA380) at Harris Communications for only $339.35.

For more information, go to Contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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