Attend 20 business workshops and 10 trainings this May

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Attend 20 business workshops and 10 trainings this May

Are you Deaf or Hard of Hearing corporate employee? Do you work at a big or midsize corporate company? Are you doing a serious business?

Deaf and HOH corporate employees, business people, and others will gather and participate 2nd biz Bootcamp and 4th Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf, May 28-31, 2014 in Chicago, IL.

There is a fast growing number of Deaf and Hard of Hearing corporate employees from Starbucks, RR Donnelley, Boeing, Airbus, Sinai Healthcare System, Ernest Young and others companies.

Attend 20 business workshops and 10 bootcamp trainings for the Deaf!

Advance yourself with new set of skills and knowledge!

Prepare Yourself for Success!
Position Yourself for Career Advancement!
Build Your Confidence!
Grow and Improve!
Always Be Awesome!

Make your success REAL in 2014!

Registration is available online at:

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