New Mini Notification System at Harris Communications

Mini Notification System

New Mini Notification System at Harris Communications

Serene Innovations has introduced a new mini notification system that alerts you when someone is at the door, when you have incoming calls from landline or cell phone, Skype™, FaceTime™ calls, and text messages.

Available at Harris Communications for only $109.95, the CentralAlert Mini Notification System (HC-CAMINI) includes the CA-CX Phone Sensor and the CA-DB Wireless Doorbell.

To use, plug in your landline or set your cell phone to vibrate mode and place it on the Phone Sensor.
Unique green flashing patterns and adjustable ring tones will distinguish between the different types of calls.
(Phone Sensor is compatible with VPs.) Connect the bed shaker to be notified when you sleep. System includes a doorbell to alert you when someone is at the door.

Customize the system with other transmitters, receivers and accessories from the CentralAlert line of products (purchased separately).

For more information, go to Contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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