2 Deaf Guys Launch Online Postal Mail Scanning and Forwarding Services Worldwide

2 Deaf Guys Launch Online Postal Mail Scanning and Forwarding Services Worldwide

Scan Mailboxes, a smart online postal mail scanning and forwarding service, just opened to the public worldwide with better solutions.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 29, 2014

With today’s technology, it’s possible for two deaf guys, Chris Landry and Ken Brown, to start a business in efficient mail handling using an online service. They are excited to announce Scan Mailboxes, their new and smart online postal mail service, a substitute for private and post office mailbox rental services as well as executive suite mail services. The service system is engineered to notify customers by email with scanned images of all envelopes and packages on the day it is received. From that point, customers have full control to: open and scan the contents, forward the physical mail to a specific address wherever they are, shred and recycle, or keep it in the storage until they decide what to do with it.

Scan Mailboxes was born after last summer when Landry was away from home for a month. He gave Brown his mailbox key and Brown would scan the front/back of each item retrieved from the mailbox. Landry asked Brown to open specific mail and hold the rest. Out of courtesy, Brown discarded the junk mail. This helped Landry stay on time with paying his bills and getting other notices. The experience was stress-free for Landry. Both guys worked together to make this venture possible for the community.

This service can benefit anyone who travels frequently, moves often, works from home but does not want to use their personal home address, are snowbirds, are in the military, anyone who does not want their dog to chew up their mail, and many more. This system is unique and offers robust solutions. Customers will be using the Austin, TX business mailing address with a unique mailbox number for their mail service. This saves them from the headache of having to update address changes if they move again. In addition, commercial businesses can use Scan Mailboxes as their outsource mailroom to gather and sort their mail. Scan Mailboxes also offers a check deposit service for anyone who wants that feature.

Many companies and government entities generally do not allow their employees to receive personal packages at their workplace. Now those employees can become Scan Mailboxes customers and get notified by email when their packages (from all courier services) arrive at Scan Mailboxes’ office. Customers can stop by to pick up their packages or have them delivered to their doorstep on demand.

While Scan Mailboxes serves as a smart online postal mail scanning and forwarding service, it is also a Registered Agent Service for Texas companies and additionally provides document imaging and photo scanning services.

There are no setup fees and the first month is free. There are three different plans to choose from, starting at $9.95. All plans include unlimited shred and recycle for added security against possible identity theft. Visit http://www.scanmailboxes.com and sign up to get started! Live Chat is also available on the website.

About Chris Landry and Ken Brown:

Chris Landry and Ken Brown both have been deaf since birth. Landry graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Hotel/Travel. He has worked in human resources and sales. Brown graduated from Oklahoma State University in Police Science and Fire Technology. He has rich experience in Information Technology, especially with the government and corporations.



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