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NAD & RID Want to Know YOUR Experiences With Interpreter Referral Agencies


NAD & RID Want to Know YOUR Experiences With Interpreter Referral Agencies

TDI has worked collaboratively over the years with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID), and National Association of the Deaf (NAD) on interpreter issues.

Claude Stout, TDI Executive Director said, “Quality of interpreter services has become a paramount issue in recent years. Our first-class American rights and privileges to live, work, and interact in the general community will only be realized in full, when our hearing parties, and those of us who are deaf and hard of hearing, and using sign language have the means to fully communicate, and exchange information with each other while on the phone or in-person. Interpreters make or break us in our daily life interactions — especially when we use Video Relay Service. We commend RID and NAD for circulating the surveys, and gathering as much data that would be useful for future policy decisions.”

NAD & RID want to know your experiences with interpreter referral agencies. There’s still time to participate! The last day to take the survey is on October 1, 2014 — but why wait? Go ahead and take the survey now and let them know of your experiences!

About the Survey (ASL)

Video of Roger Kraft providing an introduction via ASL to the surveys.


NAD & RID Want to Know YOUR Experiences With Interpreter Referral Agencies

The NAD-RID Reputable Agency Task Force (RATF) would like you to share your experiences working with interpreting agencies. Check out this intro to the surveys in ASL!

We designed surveys for different groups of people (ASL links are in the surveys). Please select the survey you feel best fits you:

Deaf Community:

If you’re deaf and rely on interpreters, this is the survey for you.


If you’re an interpreter, this is the survey for you.


If you’re an interpreting agency, this is the survey for you.

Hiring Entities:

If you’re a business or organization that hires people, this is the survey for you.

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