Lifetone Fire Alarm and Clock – Share to Win!


Lifetone Fire Alarm and Clock – Share to Win!

The Lifetone Fire Alarm and Clock is not only an attractive and easy-to-use alarm clock, it also provides protection while you sleep. The Lifetone will “listen” for the T3 alarm pattern* from your smoke alarm. When detected you are alerted with 4 different signals: a loud, low-pitched T3 alarm; a talking voice giving instruction; a powerful vibrating bed shaker; and FIRE in large text against a flashing orange backlight.

Find the Lifetone Fire Alarm and Clock (HC-LIFETONE2) at Harris Communications for $165.00.

Harris is giving away a Lifetone on our Facebook page

Share the Lifetone post and have a chance to win a FREE Lifetone. (Drawing to be held November 3, 2014.)

*Only works with alarms with T3 alarm pattern. A T3 alarm notifies with 3 beeps, a pause than repeats the pattern.

To see the Lifetone, go to or contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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