Seguin Cine Museum Announces Expansion

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December 2, 2014 

Seguin Cine Museum Announces Expansion

A project of Seguin-based Davideo Productions and Seguin Theatres, Inc., the Seguin Cine Museum has announced its expansion. The museum’s home is at the Historic Palace Theatre on 314 South Austin Street in Seguin, Texas.

The Seguin Cine Museum, first launched in 2009, is a collection of historical motion picture films, cameras, editing equipment, and related memorabilia. It covers the history of entertainment mediums since 180 A.D. to the present. The collection includes works in a wide range of formats including 70mm IMAX, 65mm, 35mm, 28mm, 22mm Kinetoscope, 17.5mm, 16mm, 15.5mm, 13mm, 11mm, 9.5mm, Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, 4.75mm widescreen, UltraPan8 widescreen, paper roll films, zoetrope strips, praxinoscope discs and magic lantern slides.

“It’s important to document and preserve these historical artifacts of motion picture history especially in this digital age and to show what the equipment looks like that has helped create memorable moving images since their inception,” said David H. Pierce, museum co-founder. “We are pleased to be able to educate the public about these technologies.”

“We are excited about the expansion of this museum at our theater which has a lot of history of its own. The theater was built in 1948 and we have firsthand seen many evolving technological changes in the film industry since that time. We are happy to share that history with the public,” said Museum co-founder H.A. “Dan” Daniels of Seguin Theatres, Inc.

The museum has opportunities for educational institutions to bring students to the museum for field trips where students can inspect hands-on interactive items. It will also provide stop motion animation workshops on a request basis.

Special presentations of historical films are planned for the future as part of the museum’s educational mission.

The Seguin Cine Museum is open for viewing on an appointment basis or during events being held at the Palace. For more information, contact David H. Pierce at [email protected] or visit or


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