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Isaiah’s Place begins new project – Deaf History Center

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Isaiah’s Place begins new project – Deaf History Center

Isaiah’s Place Retreat and Learning Center for the Deaf was given IP Board approval in October 2014 to begin a new project. The first stages of the Deaf History Center have begun.

Although IP staff and volunteers are formulating an organizational plan for what this it to become, input and participation from the Deaf Community our highest priority and importance.

Please contact us if you are interested in this project. We will obtain videos, stories, testimonies from many deaf. We need historical accounts and materials from the deaf community. Any ideas and input will be vital in creating a center that will be beneficial to all deaf, your families, and your community.

Please respond if you are interested in the project or know of someone who would be an asset to this project. We will start a contact list and send out a survey to those interested in the Deaf History Center.

Why a Deaf History Center?

Deaf History has the potential to positively impact the lives of present and future generations of deaf students. As generations learn deaf culture through language, education, history, and experience, they can gain knowledge and understanding about themselves in relation to the community around them. This strong, basic foundation in enables Deaf people to effectively integrate their cultures. Students become independent, productive, and contributing members of society. (Harvey Jay Corson, Ed. D. 1993 Pre-College Programs, Gallaudet University),

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