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GriefShare group for the Deaf – DFW 6/8/2015

GriefShare – Monday June 8, 7:00 – 8:30 pm.
Address of the church is 5801 Old Denton Rd. Fort Worth 76131
Church phone is 817-232-8210

Our group does meet EVERY Monday through August 10 for this cycle.
Each week there is video with grief recovery experts, small group discussion, and participants receive a workbook to do their personal grief work toward healing.

GriefShare – a safe place to find comfort and hope. You can start at any session.

Monday, June 8, 7:00- 8:30 pm at North Fort Worth Baptist Church GriefShare
Registration Fee is $15 and covers all 13 sessions (scholarship available)
contact: [email protected] <http://[email protected]>

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to VBS this week in our main hallway, GriefShare will meet in Room 501 on June 8. Please park at the far south end and enter through that south entrance.

**We have a signing interpreter to facilitate communication for the deaf and closed captioning.

There are others who have been on this journey. Let them walk with you. Last week we learned that the grief journey is unique to each of us and not linear through a certain sequence of phases or stages. We might be working on several grief goals at the same time. We might have an ambush moment. We talked about ways to get through those moments. It helps to talk to others who are also struggling with grief and with facilitators who have been through this valley before.

Participants will continue to consider their own unique grief journey with the workbook exercises that help them explore the reality of love that never changes as they move forward.

PLEASE NOTE: It doesn’t matter if your loss was recent or several years ago.

ON Monday June 8 we will discover things we can do to make the grief journey more bearable…

…why it’s important to put effort into your healing
…how the events surrounding your loved one’s death affect your grief
…the best ways to deal with your loved one’s belongings when you are ready

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