TCL Pulse on Sale Now!


TCL Pulse on Sale Now!

The TCL Pulse Bluetooth Vibrating Bed Shaker and Sound Alarm is a new wireless shaker and timer that you use with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The downloaded app allows you to create 10 different alarm notifications—based on vibration strength, sound level patterns and snooze. Be alerted to vibration, sound or both.

You can pair up to 5 different TCL Pulse units on your iOS device using a Bluetooth connection. Turn off the iOS device—or not have it in the vicinity—and the alarms will still go off at the set time! A great feature if you want to turn off your phone at night and still be alerted in the morning. Buy several devices to use for different family members throughout your house. Colors available include pink, white, or black.

The TCL Pulse (HC-TCLPULSE) is on sale now at Harris Communications for only $35.95 (normally $39.95). Free ground shipping available for those within the contiguous U.S.

Hurry, sale ends July 6, 2015.

To see the TCL Pulse, go to Contact us at mailto:[email protected].

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