Johnstone: A Road to Recovery #HiddenPinesFire – Please Help!

Jackie & Greg Johnstone Jackie & Greg Johnstone Jackie & Greg Johnstone Jackie & Greg Johnstone

A Road to Recovery #HiddenPinesFire


On October 13, 2015 Jackie left work early to go home to check on her home in Smithville, Texas after being informed about the growing wildfire at the farm behind her home. Upon arrival, she has to plead with Bastrop county sheriff to allow her to go into her home to rescue her animals (dogs and pygmy goats). She was only given 30 minutes to do this and not much time to retrieve essential and basic things out of the house. Greg was working out of town (El Paso) during this time.

During this time, Jackie had to take one car and she chose to use Greg’s car due to its size instead of her VW beetle. VW beetle was destroyed in the wild fire, leaving Jackie and Greg with only one car. Currently, the 1998 Maxima is not current with its inspection due to its condition and safety issues. The VW beetle had only liability insurance, meaning Jackie and Greg will not get any vehicle replacement through their insurance.

On Thursday, Bastrop County Sheriff office posted an update and announced that their house was burned down to the ground among others (Their was one of the first ones).

They were allowed to go back in their area on October 20th after the Hidden Pines Fire and this is what they saw. They lost everything in the house and on the property.

The home insurance will help Jackie and Greg rebuild their home. However, as for things inside the house (clothes, kitchen equipments, furniture & etc) and on the property (shed, tools, power, fences & etc). Jackie and Greg’s insurance will only cover 60% of the value of goods due to depreciation. The insurance process is tedious and slow, not allowing them to start over as soon as they would like to.

The donation support will provide Jackie and Greg a boost start to start over, including clothing, tools, furniture and about everything you possibly can think of!

With much appreciation!

Jackie & Greg Johnstone (written by a friend)

Note: Jackie is deaf and works at Texas School for the Deaf (TSD). Smithville, Texas is a few miles east of Bastrop, Texas.


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