Ebook: Backspace by Deaf Author Steve Baldwin

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Backspace by Steve Baldwin

The wanton murder of a deaf pregnant farm girl is all but forgotten for 60 years until doctoral student Keith Flynn, also deaf, discovers the story and decides to look into it. Being mindful of his backspace becomes a matter of life and death as he visits the town where the murder occurred. The investigation becomes a fast-moving journey fraught with unexpected episodes of danger and death.

Being targeted in a town full of gossipmongers and strangers, while being irritated by a well-meaning local interpreter, leads Keith to adventurous twists and turns that challenge his survival instincts. The moment of truth, love, and justice for Keith means trusting the world from his daily blind spots. Would you take such a risk while checking your backspace?

E-book: $3.99 (Click here to buy)

About the Author

Steve C. Baldwin, Ph.D., is a retired educator whose career took him to five states and culminated in 17 years at the Texas School for the Deaf. An award-winning writer, Steve authored Pictures in the Air: The Story of the National Theatre of the Deaf, wrote three documentaries, 20 produced plays, and numerous articles. A community advocate, he makes his home in Austin, Texas, with his wife Rosie Serna, and their hearing cat Zorro.


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