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Social Topics for Advanced Interpreters and Interpreter Renditions

It is a time for important social considerations within our stakeholders’ communities. As interpreters, we hold a unique position of power and “role.” Timely issues such as advocating for CDIs, Mentoring, Power dynamics, Advocacy, etc. will be discussed during the morning session. These considerations will be reinforced while we work to task in the afternoon session. It is a constant struggle to balance supply and demand of information being processed, and when supply exceeds demand, or vice versa, cognitive tension occurs.

The goal is to produce interpretations that are within the idiomatic range, not the literal or unduly free ranges. This skill-building workshop will incorporate demands on the interpreter’s entire repertoire of skills in order to exercise controls and spur critical thinking. (0.6 RID CEUs approved) Conducted in ASL — $49 Registration at

Date: March 19, 2016
?Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (0.6 RID CEUs Approved #0027.0316.03 )

?Address: Grace Place Event Center – 4835 N. O’Connor, Irving, TX (Upstairs – park and enter through from back of building)

?FYI – There are several restaurants at the locations lower level, including Asian/Filipino. Subway, Le Peep, and Italian

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