Job postings for DeafBlind Program at Lighthouse for the Blind – Seattle

Job postings for DeafBlind Program at Lighthouse for the Blind in Seattle

My name is Amy Koehl and I work for Lighthouse for the Blind in Seattle. We are looking for creative, focused, energetic people to expand our DeafBlind program. We have three positions open right now. They are: Manager for DeafBlind Program; DeafBlind Adult Education/IL Coordinator; and DeafBlind Employee Support Coordinator.

Who can apply: DeafBlind, Deaf, and fluent ASL, TASL, and/or PT users are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in being a part of our team and meet the qualifications, you are encouraged to apply! The full job descriptions are attached. They are also on our website.

The major responsibilities are listed below for each job.

How to apply: go to our website at and fill out an application. Save the application, then print and mail, or email it. Also include your resume. Email both application and resume to [email protected] OR fax them to (206) 436-2244.

You can email me directly with any questions at [email protected].

Thank you!

Manager, DB Program Major Responsibilities

Support and/or ensure successful delivery of the following services:

DeafBlind Retreat, DeafBlind Community Class, Internship/Mentorship Program, Lighthouse ASL classes, employee support, information and referral.
Supervise assigned staff, contractors and volunteers involved in service delivery, including staff development and evaluation.
Work closely with the VP of ECS to support delivery of comprehensive, quality services to DeafBlind employees and community members
Develop, implement and monitor budget, with input from others.
Ensure appropriate use of resources and transparency
Implement and maintain program function, policy and practices that provide quality supports to DeafBlind employees
Ensure and support delivery of leadership opportunities for DeafBlind individuals
Work closely with community organizations and agencies to maintain and strengthen relationships and resources
Partner with Interpreting Services to support LH events.
Develop annual goals with input, corresponding budget and evaluation of program services for DeafBlind Program services
Maintain relationships with DeafBlind employees and community members.
Work with team to support coordination and successful delivery of DeafBlind Awareness and other trainings as needed.
Maintain appropriate communication across diverse stakeholder groups, including DB employees, community members, case managers, board members, and agency representatives
Ability to work well with all levels and all departments within the Lighthouse, including larger ECS Dept, Operations, and Human Resources in order to support DB employees and their employment goals
Ensure support for maintaining compliance with CARF and/or other internal and external compliance requirements

DB Adult Ed-IL Coordinator Major Responsibilities

Develop and revise curriculums for Adult Education/IL classes
Teach classes to individuals or groups on various topics of interest to DB people
Coordinate and set up DeafBlind Community Classes (DBCC)
Provide general support and feedback to DB consumers at the Lighthouse
Work with Team to set up and support annual Seabeck Retreat
Work with DB Program team to set up Program Information and Evaluation (PIE) meetings
Provide opportunities for DB leadership development as planners, presenters, announcers, hosts etc through DB Community Class, Retreat, PIE meetings and Adult Education classes
Fill various roles at DBCC, Retreat and PIE meetings as needed (host, facilitator, team leader, director etc)

DB Employee Support Coordinator Major Responsibilities
· Provide work-related support to DeafBlind (DB) employees; understand policies and be able to explain them
· Work with Team to provide referral to housing resources
· Know community resources and refer DeafBlind employees when needed
· Develop and maintain contacts with service providers in the Seattle area; serve as liaison
· Coordinate with Employee and Community Services and Human Resources staff to conduct effective outreach to Lighthouse employees.
· Support HR with recruitment of DeafBlind individuals for jobs at the Lighthouse
· Know job openings and inform interested DB community members
· Act as liaison with HR department; this might include setting up interviews, filling out forms, explaining benefits
· Assist with application and hiring process for DeafBlind people for Lighthouse jobs; provide support in filling out application as needed
· Provide back-up teaching support as needed for DeafBlind Independent Living skills classes on relevant topics
· Attend and assist with DeafBlind Community Class
· Attend and assist with DeafBlind Retreat(s)

The Lighthouse is a mission-driven, private, not-for-profit social enterprise providing employment, support, and training opportunities for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities

Amy Koehl
Vice President, Employee and Community Services
The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
Phone: (206) 436-2106 | Text or Cell: 206-491-0956 | Fax: (206) 329-3397
Email: [email protected] | Web:

Our Mission: To create and enhance opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency of people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities

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