Deaf Day at Kiddieland – 25th Anniversary 9/24/16 – Waco

Deaf Day at Kiddieland – 25th Anniversary

DATE: September 24, 2016

TIME: 4pm to 8pm

1716 N 42nd St
Waco, Texas

What a special occasion we have coming up very soon!

This year’s Deaf Awareness Week will be our 25th annual event at Waco Lion’s Park’s Kiddieland.

25 years ago, Kathy Bartlett had an inspiration to set up an event where Deaf children in the Greater Waco area, as well as the adult Deaf community, can come together and socialize and increase awareness of this rich and vibrant culture! Ever since 1991, we have come together once a year with food, fellowship, and fun. But not only that, the children that attend this event have had the opportunity to be exposed to the language of the Deaf; American Sign Langauge. Role models such as yourself have made it possible for these children to have something to hope for, to aspire to become, and most importantly, to have someone to look up to.

So come join us to celebrate with good food, great fun, and awesome people!

The event will begin at 4pm and end at 8pm. Dinner will be served free of charge at 6pm. We will watch a movie after dark on the big screen outside!

All Deaf are invited. Their families are welcome too. Interpreters, ASL Students, Deaf Educators, those who have served the Deaf community are all more than welcome to attend!

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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