Amplify 2017 TSD – Rising Stars Among Us 3/2/17 – Austin

Save the Date! Amplify TSD Foundation STAR PARTY!


Join me at the TSD Foundation Amplify Austin Kick-off Party! Amplify stem

Amplify Austin Amplify TSDF

Support Our Rising Stars at TSD!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Corner House, TSD Campus (corner of Elizabeth Street and Newton Street)

4:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Happy Hour Party with Beer, Wine & Bar B Que!!

AND Easy donating to our Amplify TSDF campaign!

NO RSVP required, just come out and join the fun fundraising for the deaf children of Austin and across Texas!!

No Donation is Too Small, all donations go to amplify technology benefit these deserving children! AND your donation and its impact will be doubled by our matching grant from a very generous benefactor!

Amplify AustinClick on the link to see what it’s all about!


We want our RISING STARS, the deaf children of Austin and across Texas, to have a chance for their dreams to come true!

Our Amplify Austin 2016 campaign, Support the Rising Stars Among Us is a way for you to help these children see reach further, shine brighter and have their dreams come true.
Through donations to Amplify Austin – TSDF we are able to fund programs in STEM, Literacy, Career and Technical Education, and Outreach to the families of the over 7000 deaf children throughout the state of Texas. TSD provides the children here in Austin with an education, specifically designed so that each child attending TSD or a TSD summer program, a Discovery Retreat, or learning through the online Family Signs or Story Telling program has the opportunity to learn basics of math, science, language, writing, history, geography, etc etc etc. The TSD Foundation funds programs in each of these areas to promote excellence in education so that our stars can shine brighter and reach their full potential.

“The first years of life are when basic language skills develop, and the first two to three years of life are generally recognized as a critical period for language learning. There is no substitute for natural language learning, and language learning that begins at age three or four is not natural.” Raising and Educating a Deaf Child, M. Marschark, 1997)

Every year, approximately 1,200 deaf or hard-of-hearing children are born in Texas. When hearing loss is identified early and infants and toddlers have opportunities for language access during the critical developmental years, they demonstrate cognitive, social, and communication skills equal to their hearing peers.

As visual learners, deaf and hard-of-hearing students benefit from media-rich content made accessible via state-of-the art technology.

Across the state of Texas, there are approximately 6,000 deaf and hard-of-hearing children and their families, many isolated in rural areas, who need opportunities to develop a sense of self confidence and empowerment, fostered by meeting role models and others like themselves.

Because everyone has different talents, abilities, and aptitudes, it’s essential that all students receive an education designed to meet their individual needs along with the necessary tools to reach their full potential.

Socialization and acceptance are key to every child’s personal development. The students at the Texas School for the Deaf participate in sports, clubs, dorm life, and other educational and extra-curricular activities, developing interpersonal skills, making life-long friends, and knowing they belong. Every child deserves this opportunity.

AMPLIFY TSDF and help us help deaf children of Austin and Texas Shine Brighter and Reach for the Stars!

Want to setup your donation today? Here’s the website to use:

Questions? Contact Carol Richards [email protected]

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