Workshop: “Interpreters: a Deaf Perspective” with Joseph Bulgherini – Houston


“Interpreters: a Deaf Perspective” Joseph Bulgherini (Deaf)

Texas Association of Southern Baptist Interpreters for the Deaf (TASBID), an auxiliary group of Texas Baptist Conference for the Deaf (TBCD), presents a workshop of what a Deaf person expects from an interpreter.

BEI .6 CEUs applied for; RID .6 CEUs approved.
A voice interpreter will be present.

At-the-door cost is $40.00 and lunch is included.

April 29, 2017
9:00am – 4:00pm

All skill levels.

First Baptist Church of Pasadena
7500 Fairmont Parkway
Pasadena, Texas 77505

The expectations of Deaf persons in regard to interpreted situations is the focus of the workshop. Using lecture, dialogue, Q/A, and audience participation, various scenarios will be discussed along with references to the RID CPC regarding the interpreter’s involvement.
Examples of topics (each one ending with etc.) would be;

Communication – signed, oral, combined;
Mode – Interpretation, Transliteration, or C.A.R.T.;
Language choice – ASL, signed English, other sign systems, or combination thereof;
Appearance – clothing, jewelry, grooming;
Venue – office, stage, classroom, outdoors (Scarborough Fair), arena (in the stands);
Performances – shadowing, fixed position, character identification, body shifting;
Audience – size, register;
Settings – background, light source, riser, distractions;
Interaction – community and cultural considerations, body language;
Scenarios – based on Deaf individuals’ and interpreters first hand experiences;
CPC – upholding RID, NAD, and BEI expectations;
Additional thoughts – as they occur during prep time and class discussion and Q/A time.
Other resources – Encounters with Reality / 1,001 Interpreter Scenarios, sign language interpreting (sic) / a basic resource book For Hearing People ONLY;

Bill Green
Sign Language Interpreter
[email protected]
214.924.4306 Voice;Text
469.522.2752 VP

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