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ASL Interpreted Shows at The Hideout Theatre – Austin

Deaf Studies and Communications double major Felicia Wagner uses American Sign Language during practice of the production “Mousetrap” at OU-L Tuesday afternoon. ASL students will be signing one show of the production for the deaf community. Jess Lanning/Eagle-Gazette

ASL Interpreted Shows at The Hideout Theatre – Austin

Below in the “Upcoming Shows” section you’ll find ticket buttons to upcoming shows at The Hideout that feature ASL interpreters. We are committed to providing interpreters for at least one date of every mainstage production we over.

Theatresports At The Hideout

DATE: Saturday, 4/29/2017
DATE: Saturday, 5/20/2017
DATE: Saturday, 7/22/2017
DATE: Saturday, 9/23/2017
DATE: Saturday, 11/25/2017

TIME: 8:00 pm – 9:45 pm

The Hideout Theatre
617 Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas

WEBSITE: http://www.hideouttheatre.com/shows/asl

The Hideout Theatre is an improv theater in Austin, TX that has been there since 1999. For 2017, every one of our mainstage shows will have one show that features ASL interpretation. The first of these is Theatresports.

Theatresports At The Hideout – Saturday, 4/29/2017

Theatresports is a competitive improv show where two teams go head to head with no restrictions on what kind of challenges they can give one another. Which team will still be standing when it’s game over?

In one Theatresports show you might see hilarious games, 2-player face offs, dramatic scenes, impossible side quests, pushup contests, improvised musicals or epic games of hide and seek.

How I Saved the World Over Summer Vacation at The Hideout – Saturday, 5/20/2017

Inspired by suburban coming of age sci fi stories like E.T., Monster Squad, The Goonies, Good Omens, Donnie Darko, and even modern homages like Super 8, Paper Girls, and Stranger Things, How I Saved the World Over Summer Vacation takes us all back to an age when it seemed like time went on forever, grown ups were the enemy, and all you needed to rule your neighborhood was a bike, a group of friends, and an imagination.

Oh, and it’s completely improvised, which means that it’s made up on the spot.

The Kindness of Strangers at The Hideout – Saturday, 7/22/2017

A sensuous, captivating journey through the lurid, steamy world of the American South in the style of one of America’s greatest playwrights- Tennessee Williams. Troubled men, spellbinding women, and a touch of magic come together to create stories that are hilarious and heartbreaking all at once.

Death by Musical at The Hideout – Saturday, 9/23/2017

This bloody lovely romp is a campy comedy horror musical, where all the music and murderous madness is improvised.

Dance Dreams at The Hideout – 11/25/2017

With inspiration from movies/TV such as Center Stage, Dance Academy and Save the Last Dance, Dance Dreams follows the drama and aspirations of students chasing their dreams to become professional ballet dancers. Full of humor and dancer angst, this show explores the challenges of being young and pursuing art in a competitive field.

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