Deaf dog at the Humane Society of Young County (Graham, Texas)

Deaf dog at the Humane Society of Young County (Graham, Texas)

Phadera is an almost 4-year old deaf pit bull dog, however that doesn’t stop her from wanting cuddle time and a forever home like any other hearing dog; it just means finding the right match for her special need might take a bit longer.

Phadera story is a sad and all too familiar one. She once had a loving home until divorce broke-up her family. Her human dad communicated with her through sign language; unfortunately, when he walked out on his wife, he also walked out from Phaedra having any sign language communication ever again.

In another cruel twist, Phadera and her Jack Russell sibling were sent to the Humane Society of Young County after her human mom new apartment wouldn’t allow any pets. Everyone in the situation was left heartbroken. Her sibling was chosen by a rescue group leaving her truly alone from everyone she knew two months ago. Her only means of communicating with the shelter staff these days is conveyed through her heart and seen in her eyes and wagging tail.

Phadera is a resilient dog with a super sweet disposition. She’s dog and cat friendly.

Humane Society of Young County in Graham, Texas residents are mainly ranchers that need a dog that can hear. However, we recognize Phadera and other special needs animals as amazing souls, very adoptable, and very good pets. So we’ll wait for the right match.

You can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in Phadera life.

Spread the word on Facebook about her, so we can match her with a hearing impaired family that will understand and embrace her special need. Reason why? A deaf dog and their owner have a closeness that is more solid than traditional dog/owner bond; and safety is priority one.

You will be her HERO! Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Kristin Gammill
Email: [email protected]

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