INTERPRETER PROVIDED: Gender Infinity Conference 2017 – Houston

Gender Infinity Conference – ASL interpretation provided

DATE: October 13 & 14, 2017

TIME: 8:00am – 5:00pm

637 Hawthorne Street
Houston, Texas


Registration is required, cost is $15 – $375

The Gender Infinity Conference is an affirming space for families, learners, advocates, and providers to advance relationships, knowledge, and resources that empower gender diverse individuals. In our journey together we, at Gender Infinity, promote justice, equity, and hope in the celebration of infinite gender possibilities. Join us for two days, featuring over 80 interactive workshops on topics covering infinite gender possibilities: from legal and medical issues to spirituality, identity, relationships, addressing the latest in gender affirming care and support. CEU credits are available for professionals.

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

ASL Version:

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