UPDATED: Hedy vs. Heidi Movie Night: Fundraiser 1/27/18 – Austin

Hedy vs. Heidi School Fundraiser 1/27/18 – Austin

Bad Cats Entertainment Presents


Texas School for the Deaf PTSO

Buy your tickets at: https://goo.gl/BRxFSG (case sensitive)

Hedy & Heidi: The Lost Sister

The story of two twins separated at birth, Hedy and Heidi: The Lost Sister follows two twin sisters whom lead drastically different lives. After decades of vivid dreams and intuitions about an unknown sister, HEDY (Heidi Branch) discovers the existence of her so-called twin, HEIDI (Heidi Branch- yes, it’s the same actress.) Determined to find closure behind the true meaning of her dreams, she leads viewers on a hilarious and charming quest to find what she truly hopes will be the sister she’d been dreaming of. Bumping into improbable situations and unique characters along the way, Hedy finally finds the woman she believes to be her sister.

Her abrupt arrival quickly causes discord in the family. Heidi’s busy life is soon thrown into disarray by the arrival of this quirky and seemingly incompetent stranger. With an increasingly frustrated husband and two teenage boys, Heidi is forced to learn how to balance life and Hedy’s shenanigans. Will Heidi reach a breaking point? Can Hedy ever win the love of her new family?

This film is bound to delight audiences of all ages, and is guaranteed to have you gasping in laughter and leave you grinning.

Sound and Captions Included.

Texas School for the Deaf
R.L. Davis Auditorium
1102 South Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78704

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm, doors open at 5:00 pm

Adult (18+ years old) $10.00
Teens $8.00
Children (5-12 years old) $5.00

For help or questions, contact [email protected]

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