Research Paid Interview Needed for D/HH Senior Citizen (60 years and up)

Hello Deaf Seniors!

I was asked to pass along the flyer about a research project involving older Deaf adults (age 60-79).

The research team wants to interview older Deaf adults (age 60-79). Deaf interviewers will do the interview with you in ASL over VideoPhone.

The interviewer will ask you about your use of technology and other daily experiences of older adults.

Participants will receive $30 for about 2 – 2.5 hours of their time with the interview and questionnaire.

See the attached flyer (top) for more information and who to contact if you are interested in participating in this research. The goal is to understand more about the needs and experiences of Deaf Seniors as they age and whether technology helps. (

Elena Remillard ([email protected])
Phone: 404-385-2564 (Voice number; please use VRS to call)

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