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See What I’m Saying: We’re up on iTunes, Amazon and Netflix

We’re up on iTunes, Amazon and Netflix

See What I’m Saying
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

Launching on iTunes today!
Streaming now on Amazon Prime
Available on Netflix DVD

See What I’m Saying (http://www.seewhatimsayingmovie.com/)

follows four deaf entertainers: an actor, comic, singer and drummer as they attempt to crossover to mainstream audiences. View the trailer on our home page

Launching today on iTunes


Cinedigm (formerly New Video/Docurama), the film’s distributor, renewed our deal and was finally able to get the film up on iTunes, launching October 2, 2018.


iTunes would not accept the open captions (both the spoken English and sign language dialogue is burned into the film to make it accessible to all viewers) and required us to strip the captions from the film (not an easy process) and deliver closed caption files (that you can turn on and off.) We were told this was to comply with laws requiring closed caption files for it to be translated into other languages. Thank you to DCMP for providing our closed captions. They were the same good folks who provided our audio description for blind audiences. And a big thank you to Matt Radecki and Greg Lanesey at our post production house Different by Design (DXD) for assisting our process!

https://dcmp.org/ and https://www.dxdproductions.com/

See What I’m Saying is currently streaming on Amazon Prime to watch at home with friends and family, so enjoy!


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Do you have Netflix DVD? If so, that’s another way to watch! Sadly, Netflix only streamed the film during its first year of release so we are currently only on their DVD platform.


Want to book the film for your school, ASL class or special event?

Contact Hilari Scarl for licensing the film. Discounts available along with full booking package, teacher study guide and additional content.

Email us at [email protected]

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