INTERPRETER: Graduate Research Study – Amazon Gift card $10

Graduate Research Study – Amazon Gift card $10 

Hello! My name is Ariel Baeseman, and I am a Master’s candidate at St. Catherine University in the Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity program. I am conducting my research titled Error Occurrences and Types Between Certified and Non-Certified Interpreters. The research will compare error rates between non-certified and certified early professionals in the field.

I am currently looking for hearing interpreters living in Texas to be participants and to interpret a short video of dialogue (will include ASL and English production) on a Zoom meeting with me to use as data for collection. Your video will not be shown to anybody outside of the research (myself and my advisor) and after you complete your interpretation, you will be given a $10 digital gift card via email for your time.

I am looking for at least five interpreters holding their BEI Basic certification (unfortunately, if you hold your NIC, but not your BEI Basic you are not eligible) and at least five interpreters with no certification. All interpreters interested in participating must have been working for less than five years professionally (not including internships). This study is limited to 10 certified and 10 non-certified interpreters and participants will be accepted in order of interest.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about participating in this study, please contact me at [email protected] or (608)669-8251 (cell).

St. Catherine IRB Protocol ID 1669

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