WEBINAR: Building Relationships with the Deaf Community 4/29/22

Building Relationships with the Deaf Community

Immersing yourself in the Deaf community will not only benefit you and your career, but the Deaf community as well.

About the event

Summary: Interpreters are often under enormous pressures that distract them from paying attention to relationships with Deaf consumers. It’s not uncommon for interpreters to be focused on achieving the technical skills of interpreting rather than soft skills. However, healthy relationships are the key to solving a problem or achieving effective communication. Building and sustaining the foundation of trust is central to your work as an interpreter of the community. To achieve success in building connections, we all need to explore ourselves and increase the courage to be more involved in the Deaf community and support others. The goal is to become comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable to regain trust in our relationships with the Deaf community.

0.40 CEUs Approved: RID PPO, BEI Ethics/Interpreting Language:

ASL Registration Fee: $60.00

Facilitated by Amanda Tuite

Language: ASL. There will be no voice interpretation at this event. Contact Amanda if you need support.

Webinar requirements: Please use a desktop/laptop to log in to Zoom. Please do not use a tablet or cell phone to log in. We need your full participation in this training event. This will be FUN!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the interpreters’ role in the community as of today.
  2. Identify the interpreter’s own strengths and weaknesses in building relationships.
  3. Identify the Deaf consumer’s own strengths and weaknesses in building relationships.
  4. Define one’s own strong points in communication skills and how to apply it in real-world scenarios.
  5. Survey different Deaf perspectives and define what is expected of interpreters who want to be presently involved in the Deaf community.
  6. Identify different strategies of how interpreters can build trust with the deaf community.
  7. Identify different strategies of how Deaf consumers can build trust with interpreters.
  8. List examples of how community service is a form of learning.


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Link: https://www.accessvine.co/event-details/building-relationships-with-the-deaf-community-2

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