Calling All Deaf Texans! Protect TSD, Our Rights, and Our Future!

Calling All Deaf Texans! Protect TSD, Our Rights, and Our Future!

What? Senate Bill (SB) 2364 is a companion bill to HB3458, which means the same wording, concept and intent. That saves them time, but it has to pass both legislative bodies before the bill is sent to the Governor’s Office for his signature. However, if there is a disagreement between both the house and chamber (Reps & Senate), then a conference is called to find a compromise. But first of all, there must be a PUBLIC HEARING.

That is when we can publicly oppose both bills by signing up and speaking up for less than two minutes.

Why? We do not know the exact reason why Representative Brad Buckley and Senator Donna Campbell want to lead their respective education committee to take over the TSD Governing board by allowing Gov. Abbott more power to control TSD by selecting a new presiding officer and deputy presiding officer for new terms lasting from two to four years. In the past, the TSD Governing Board has chosen its own leaders and made decisions in the best interest of TSD.

Who? If the bill becomes law in September, we need to find out who Gov. Abbott has in mind to become the #1 and #2 ranked person on the TSD Governing Board. Most likely, it will be a political choice of someone who knows very little about Deaf culture, history, or education. But we can win by killing and defeating the bill through proper channels and methods. (Typically, about 7000 bills are filed and only a thousand will become law.)

Where to look for more info and keep track? Go to the following link to track of the bills:
Or you could submit a public comment by going to this worthy source to oppose HB3458:

When act? Now! The House Public Education Committee and Senate Education Committee leaders, namely Senator Brandon Creighton and Senator Donna Campbell are our next civil targets. It is very difficult to reach them via email. So, one good way is calling their office and leaving a message saying why you oppose SB 2364. Their office secretary or Chief of Staff will listen and take your message. But expect to get an answering machine, so leave a stern message. Keep fighting for our rights as Deaf Texans! Don’t give up, be patient and aim to defeat the bills.

Senator Brandon Creighton
(512) 463-0104
Senator Donna Campbell
(512) 463-0125


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