AUDITIONS: Children of Lesser God – DFW

by Mark Medoff

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Actors wanted! If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, but never acted, we’d still love to see you. Marlee Matlin had never acted before she did this role, and then she won an Oscar!

A play about the conflicted professional and romantic relationship between a new speech teacher at the School for the Deaf and a former student, speechless by choice.

Stage West Theatre, Produced by Sweet Apple Productions
Directed by Jennifer Bangs & Jorilyn Tasker
Performance Dates: Feb 22 – 25, 2024

Audition Dates: September 7, 2023 @ 7-9pm & September 9, 2023 @ 10am-12pm

No need to make an appt, but if you’d like a time slot, email [email protected]

Seeking the following roles, any ethnicity:

SARAH NORMAN – female lead, mid 20s, Deaf from birth. She cleans the dorms at the School for the Deaf where she still lives after graduating years before. Proud, Attractive, Marginalized, Confident, Defiant, Solitary, Emotionally Scarred, Promiscuous, Angry. Actress must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Actress must use her voice to speak at the end of the play.

ORIN DENNIS – male, in his 20s, has some residual hearing, a lip reader. Launches formal complaint against the School for the Deaf where he attended and now teaches. In love with Sarah, jealous of James though he knows he needs him. A Leader, Protective, Driven, Outspoken, Opportunistic. Orin reads lips and uses his voice to speak a little. Actor must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

MRS. NORMAN – Sarah’s mother. Abandoned by husband and raised Sarah on her own. She has a strained relationship with her daughter. Mrs. Norman knows how to sign, but oftentimes refuses. Actress doesn’t need to have prior knowledge of sign language, but definitely a plus.

MR. FRANKLIN – male, 40s-60s. School administrator whose practices come into question. A Realist, Pompous, Set in his ways. Actor doesn’t need to have prior knowledge of sign language, but definitely a plus.

LYDIA – female, in her late teens, has some residual hearing, a lip reader. Student at the School for the Deaf. In love with James, jealous of Sarah. Sweet, Innocent, Immature. Lydia has had years of speech therapy, so she is more comfortable using her voice and has fairly clear speech. Actor must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

EDNA KLEIN – female, 30s-60s. Orin’s Lawyer. Altruistic in that she takes on Orin’s case, but naive in that she knows nothing about Deaf Culture. Character does not sign, but knowing sign language is a plus.

Role of male lead JAMES LEEDS has been cast.

Audition Location:
Michael Brown Productions
1730 W. Randol Mill Rd., Suite 140
Arlington, TX 76012

Please prepare a 1 min contemporary monologue and/or cold readings from the script.

Our co-director is a local BEI Certified Interpreter and will be present at auditions and rehearsals to help bridge the gap of communication. Sweet Apple is also in the process of having student interpreters available for additional interpretations needed between cast and crew during the rehearsal and show process.

In-person auditions STRONGLY preferred but accepting video submissions.

Email: [email protected] by Sept 9, 2023

Rehearsals begin mid-October 2023.

Performance Dates: Thursday Feb 22, Friday Feb 23, Saturday Feb 24 (two shows), and Sunday Feb 25.(2024)

This is a non-paying/non-union show. Housing and Transportation not provided.

Sweet Apple Productions is a collaboration between Ryan Brown & Jennifer Bangs Boswell.

For more info, please visit

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