SWSAD Softball Tournament Information 6/6/2024 to 6/8/2024 – Arlington, Texas

SWSAD Softball Tournament Information

Our comprehensive guide to all information about the 2024 Softball Tournament and Women’s 50th Anniversary Celebration! Games will begin on Thursday, June 6-8, 2024.

One of few highlight of the events:

  • Vendor Information: SWSAD is partnering with Deaf Artisan Market Day (DAMD) to handle the vendors during Women’s 50th Anniversary SWSAD Softball Tournament on Saturday, June 8, 2024.
  • If you are not on a team, you can sign up to be a free agent to get on a team. SWSAD will work with you! Click on “Free Agent” image to see how it works and sign up!
  • Come and celebrate Women’s 50th Softball Anniversary with SWSAD during the banquet on Saturday, June 8! Limited seats (first come first serve) and a special tribute to all the Hall of Fame Inductees, Several Guest Women Softball Speakers and a delicious dinner! $35!!!!
  • Team Entry Fee deadline is coming up soon! May 24, 2024! Got a team, pay the entry fee today!
  • Need Lodging? We got you covered! Deadline to reserve your room at this special rate $129 is on May 15, 2024! This hotel has a pool, free breakfast, free wifi, and many more! Banquet will be at same hotel!
  • All information about this EXCITING event, 2024 SWSAD Softball Tournament, can be found on our website such as SWSAD Store, Fan Registration, Player/Non Player Fee, Hall of Fame, Fields, Road to Arlington and many more! Even have a FAQ section!
  • Reach out to SWSAD Board ([email protected]) if there are questions or concerns!


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