Redeeming Joy – An Evening With Paul David Tripp – Interpreter Provided

Redeeming Joy – An Evening With Paul David Tripp

Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness isn’t actually what human beings desire most. Whether they know it or not, everyone is chasing after joy–a fruit of the Spirit that unlocks an abundant life of gratitude and generosity. Jesus doesn’t promise pain-free living, but he does promise unshakeable joy, guaranteed by his death and resurrection.

Join us for a night of equipping from pastor and best-selling author Paul David Tripp, where you will discover how to realize and preserve joy, regardless of your circumstances. In his practical, everyday teaching, Tripp will open the Bible and show you how to live in a joy-filled relationship with Christ and those around you.

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting provided. This event will not be livestreamed.

7540 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75251

Email: [email protected]
Text: 214-562-9126


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