Central Texas Chef Moves One Step Closer To “Hottest Chef” Title

Central Texas Chef Moves One Step Closer To “Hottest Chef” Title

Thursday, February 23 2012

Chef Kurt “The Irishman” Ramborger, is one of 17 chefs left in the
running for the Eater title of “Hottest Chef In The Country” – your
vote can help him make it to the next stage of the competition. Today
he stopped by Austin Live with his, Sinful Brownies. Deaf since birth,
Kurt uses American Sign Language or ASL, to communicate, but says his
food speaks for itself, and he knows speaks to the customers of ViUDA
¦in fact his brownies are said to be so sinful, some customers (he
jokes) have even proposed marriage after trying them. Today
interpreters from CSD Austin, helped with our segment. To learn more
about CSD Austin and the interpreter services they offer: www.c-s-d.org

Chef Kurt “The Irishman” Ramborger (Executive Chef), Paul Rutowski
(Owner/Partner), and Rene Alcala are all partners in ViUDA in Buda, TX.
Both Paul and Kurt, say they want to send a big thank you to Rene
Alcala (their third partner) in the restaurant. It was Rene who
brought them from catering to restaurant owners/partners.

Chef Kurt and Paul, were originally just running a catering business,
out of Rene’s restaurant..during the hours it was closed.

To learn more about them and how their restaurant venture came to be:

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TH 5pm – 9pm
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