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Here is the new information on HR 3101

Note: What is HR 3101? Click here to learn more about this bill – The Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2009 Go to Click here to open

It is now three full months since HR 3101 was introduced in Congress on June 26, 2009. In all that time, we have gotten only eight (8) cosponsors for HR 3101. We do not have any cosponsors from Texas! At the same time, another bill that benefits deaf and hard of hearing people, HR 1646, the Hearing Aid Tax Credit, has over 100 cosponsors. Below are the Hearing Aid Tax Credit cosponsors who are from Texas. Please contact them and ask them to ALSO cosponsor HR 3101 because both bills benefit deaf and hard of hearing people!

Rep Green, Gene [TX-29] (Democrat) Facebook: (On Facebook, you can either email directly if there is an email link under the photograph. Otherwise, become a fan and post on the Representative’s wall) His website is On you can email Green, or find the phone  numbers for his local offices in Texas.

Rep Paul, Ron [TX-14] (Republican). His website is On you can email Paul. At the very bottom of that page are the numbers for his local offices in Texas. In Washington, DC the staff person to contact is Norman Singleton, [email protected]. We especially need Ron Paul’s support because he is Republican, and so far no Republicans are cosponsoring HR 3101!

Caption Action 2 is a Facebook cause at that backs HR 3101, focusing on the provision that extends closed captioning from regular television to the Internet. To date, Caption Action 2 has over 10,000 members and needs many more in order to make a good impression on Congress staff. From time to time, Caption Action 2 goes to Capitol Hill to visit representatives’ offices and give out a Caption Action 2 flyer that shows the current numbers. On the Caption Action 2 blogroll at, you can download a flyer and the COAT one-page summary.

More Texas representatives who do not yet support HR 3101, along with their house web pages, Facebook urls and Twitter names. There are MANY representatives from Texas. If we could get at least some of them to cosponsor HR 3101, it would go a long way towards giving HR 3101 a fighting chance in Congress. Where possible, there are also staff contacts.

Barton, Joe Home page: Twitter:
Brady, Kevin Home page: Facebook: Twitter: Staff person: Alvin Chan, [email protected]
Burgess, Michael Home page: Facebook: Twitter: Staff person: Sery Kim, [email protected]
Carter, John Home page: Facebook: Twitter: Staff person to contact: Ryan Stalnaker, [email protected]
Conaway, K. Home page: Michael Facebook:
Cuellar, Henry Home page: Staff person: Jeremiah Rigsby, [email protected]
Culberson, John Home page: Facebook: Twitter:
Doggett, Lloyd Home page: Staff person: Jeremy Haile, [email protected]
Edwards, Chet Home page: Staff person: Michelle Dominguez, [email protected]
Gohmert, Louie Home page: Staff person: Scott Lively, [email protected]
Gonzalez, Charlie Home page: Staff person: Julie Hart, [email protected]
Granger, Kay Home page: Staff person: Theresa Vawter, [email protected]
Green, Al Home page:
Hall, Ralph Home page:
Hensarling, Jeb Home page:
Hinojosa, Ruben Home page:
Jackson Lee, Sheila Home page:
Johnson, Eddie Bernice Home page; Facebook:
Johnson, Sam Homepage: Facebook:
Marchant, Kenny Home page: Facebook: Twitter: Staff person: Scott Cunningham, [email protected]
McCaul, Michael Home page:
Neugebauer, Randy Home page: Facebook:
Olson, Pete Home page: Twitter: Staff person: Brianne Miller, [email protected]
Ortiz, Solomon Home page:
Poe, Ted Home page: Staff person: Anne Marie Malecha, [email protected]
Reyes, Silvestre Home page: Facebook:
Rodriguez, Ciro Home page:
Sessions, Pete Home page:
Smith, Lamar Home page: Facebook: Twitter:
Thornberry, Mac Home page: Facebook:

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Jamie Berke
Guide to Deafness

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