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October 14, 2009

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David H. Pierce
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Seguin, Texas- Davideo Productions is hosting its fifth showcase of Deaf
films on November 13 & 14, 2009. This event, CINEMA FOR EVERYONE, presents
films to the Deaf Community and the general public in Seguin, Texas at the
historic Palace Theatre on 314 South Austin Street. Past events have
successfully drawn hundreds of people from all over the State of Texas as
well as out-of-state visitors.

CINEMA FOR EVERYONE is a venue created to showcase independent films. All
films are in sign language with open captions which are fully accessible to
Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing audiences. David H. Pierce of Davideo
Productions says “we serve as a regular theatrical exhibitor to give
filmmakers a place to show their latest productions and get a share of the
box office receipts.” The fifth showcase has enlisted the involvement of
established companies around the country such as Universal Signs Productions
in Pennsylvania, ASL Films in Indiana, and National Technical Institute for
the Deaf in New York.

The November 2009 showcase is sponsored by the Texas Association of the Deaf
(TAD), a 501(c)3 non-profit consumer organization advocating the rights of
Deaf and hard of hearing Texans.

JOURNEY THROUGH DEAF TEXAS, a highly visual documentary about the history
and legislative accomplishments of Deaf Texans since 1886, is one of the
highlights of the film showcase. Co-produced, researched and written by
Stephen C. Baldwin, Ph.D., the film had its world premiere in San Antonio on
June 11, 2009 at the Buena Vista Theater at University of Texas in San
Antonio which garnered positive response. Seguin is proud to be screening
the film at the Palace Theatre as it was co-produced and directed by local
Seguin filmmaker David H. Pierce. Donations at the box office for the
JOURNEY screening will go to TAD to help with film distribution and
publication of a book on its history.

The film showcase will host the Texas premiere of UNIVERSAL SIGNS with
Anthony Natale (MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS), Sabrina Lloyd (SPORTS NIGHT), Margot
Kidder (SUPERMAN), Robert Picardo (STAR TREK: VOYAGER), Lupe Ontiveros (REAL
WOMEN HAVE CURVES), Deanne Bray (SUE THOMAS: FBEye) and Ashlyn Sanchez
(CRASH). Produced by Catherine Miller, this film portrays a Deaf artist who
becomes a prisoner of his own mind. It has won awards from the Philadelphia
Film Festival and the Feel Good Film Festival in Hollywood, CA.

Another Texas premiere is THE HEART OF THE HYDROGEN JUKEBOX by Miriam Nathan
Lerner of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. This documentary
tracks the development of poetry in American Sign Language over the years
through archival footage. Rochester, New York is a place where Hearing and
Deaf poetry occurs side by side with the help of interpreters who provide
equal access for both audiences. Featured poets in the film are Bernard
Bragg, Robert Panara, Ella Mae Lentz, Eric Malzkuhn, Patrick Graybill,
Dorothy “Dot” Miles, Clayton Valli, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Cook, and Debbie

Two films produced by Mark G. Wood of ASL Films will be screened. GERALD is
about a young man who discovers he has a Deaf autistic grandfather and tries
to make a connection to him and ends up with a whirlwind of twists of fate.
Performers are Andy Vasnick, Russell Harvard (THERE WILL BE BLOOD), and
Micaela Paulone. LEGEND OF A MOUNTAIN MAN portrays children sent to a
Montana ranch who find themselves encountering a creature that has never
been seen before. Performers are Sean Berdy, Tyler Berdy, Marisa Ann King,
Chuck Baird and Scott Berdy.

This event is also sponsored by the University of Texas-Austin Department of
Linguistics’ American Sign Language program. Student interns of Deaf actress
and filmmaker Franky Ramont Giacona will be on hand to assist in
facilitating the communication needs of Deaf and Hearing attendees.

Late night socialization after the screenings will be held on Friday and
Saturday night at The Oak Bar on 110 East Gonzales Street in Seguin. Pierce
says “when people come to historic Seguin, not only can they enjoy watching
films but also joining in the camaraderie of the patrons at these social
events. It makes the trip to Seguin worthwhile. Hope to see all of you

Davideo Productions is a motion picture film & broadcast television
production, syndication and consulting firm based in Seguin, Texas.

For more information about the films and the schedules, please visit

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