Millie Brother Scholarship for Hearing Children of Deaf Adults

Millie Brother Scholarship for Hearing Children of Deaf Adults (CODA)

The Children of Deaf Adults organization would like to call your attention
to the Millie Brother Scholarship available to provide financial support for
hearing children of Deaf adults to attend college.

Since 1990, we have awarded scholarships to 36 hearing children of deaf
adults. This year we are pleased to be able to award two $3,000
scholarships. These are one-time scholarships, but you may apply for as
many years as the applicant is in school.

Below is a copy of the scholarship announcement. Please share the
announcement with your employees, students and alums and encourage any
hearing college-bound adolescent or adult with Deaf parents to apply for the
scholarship. More information about the scholarship can be found at:

We count on you to spread the word about our scholarship. If you have any
questions, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

Jennie E. Pyers, Ph.D.

Millie Brother Scholarship for Hearing Children of Deaf Adults 2010-2011

Thank you for your interest in this year’s Millie Brother Scholarship for
hearing children with deaf parents. This year, two scholarships for $3000
each will be offered. We began accepting applications January 4, 2010.
Applicants must be the hearing son or daughter of deaf parents. Applicants
may compete for both scholarships but a separate essay is required for each

The scholarship application package is as follows:

The application form (PDF available online: The application is to
be completed by the applicant.

Essay: 2-page double-spaced

* Describe how your experience with Deaf parents has shaped your life and
* Include a description of your future career aspirations.
* Essays will be judged for organization, content, and creativity. We
encourage you to ask someone else to proofread your essay before you submit
The letter of agreement to publish your essay at the end of the application.
The letter of agreement form must be faxed back to my office at:

In addition to 1-3 above, each applicant must submit:

* An official transcript from your high school and your college or
university if you are currently enrolled. Unofficial transcripts will not
be accepted. Transcripts can take several weeks to process, so we encourage
you arrange your transcript requests well in advance of the April 2nd, 201
* Two sealed letters of recommendation (PDF available online) from teachers

Scholarship winners will be announced at the annual conference for Children
of Deaf Adults (July 22-25, 2010). Winners will be notified by phone and by
email. Scholarship winners’ essays and photos will be published in the CODA
Connection, the organization’s newsletter and on the CODA website.

Deadline for submission: April 2, 2010. All application packages must be
completed and postmarked by April 2, 2010. The application package is not
considered submitted until you have received an email confirmation from our

Dr. Jennie E. Pyers
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Wellesley College
106 Central St., SCI480
Wellesley, MA 02842
ATTN: Coda Scholarship Committee
email: [email protected]

Tel: 781-283-3736
Fax: 781-283-3730

Check off list: (included in the application form but reprinted here for
your convenience) Be sure you have completed and submitted the following:
____ Completed application (PDF)
____ Two page double spaced essay
____ Signed letter of agreement faxed if you send it via email
____ Official High school/college transcripts
____ 2 sealed letters of recommendation (PDF) from teachers

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