Huge Sale on Sonic Alert and Geemarc Products

Huge Sale on Sonic Alert and Geemarc Products

Harris Communications is starting the holiday shopping season with an
amazing 20% off Sonic Alert and Geemarc products. Sonic Alert is known for
their large selection of alarm clocks with loud alarms and powerful bed
shakers. Choices include the Sonic Bomb (SA-SBB500SS), the Sonic Boom
(SA-SB1000V) and The Skull (SA-SB550BC) alarm clocks, plus many more.

Sonic Alert is also known for their quality signaling system. Save 20% on
all Sonic Alert transmitters and receivers. For a great value, save 20% on
the Sonic System Package SS1200C (SA-SS1200C/B) —a complete home signaling
system that includes two free receivers!

And that’s not all. Save 20% on all Geemarc products including the powerful
AmpliPOWER60 corded phone with 67dB amplification (HC-AMPLIPOWER60), the
Ampli600 Emergency Response Telephone (HC-AMPLI600), as well as Geemarc
telephone amplifiers, neckloops and more!

Sale ends November 26, 2010.

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