NAD Opposes Possible Cuts to Medicaid Benefits

NAD Opposes Possible Cuts to Medicaid Benefits

September 15, 2011

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) strongly opposes any cuts to
Medicaid and encourages members of the deaf and hard of hearnig community to
participate in the September 21, 2011 Medicaid Matters rally at the U.S.
Capitol. After the passage of the Debt Ceiling Bill, a Super Committee of
Twelve was created and charged with reducing the deficit by at least $1.5
trillion by 2021. While it is not certain which programs will be cut, it is
clear that Medicaid will be on the table for possible major cuts.

“Millions of Americans with disabilities rely on Medicaid and cannot afford
to lose their coverage. Medicaid allows millions of people with disabilities
to receive a wide variety of important services, which allows them to remain
independent and employable. These services are especially critical during
these uncertain economic times,” said NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum.

Join NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum at the September 21st rally and let Congress
know that Medicaid Matters! The rally, sponsored by over 50 disability,
aging, and civil rights groups, will start at noon on the west side of the
U.S. Capitol.


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