Keith Wann and Wink Present ASL RADIO – Interview with Grant Laird Jr

Keith Wann and Wink Present ASL RADIO!

Interview with Deaf Network Grant Laird Jr!

February 29, 2012 8pm EST

Every Wednesday night, host Keith Wann, interviews a guest from the ASL
Community to help us build a “Cultural Bridge” and understand more
about the people involved in our small community.

This is perfect for ASL students, ITP students, teachers, interpreters,
and every member of the ASL community to come together and have their
‘voices heard’.

We have a live chat room where CART is provided so our Deaf friends can
also participate and ask the guest questions and comment on the topic.
We also have an ASL Version that is uploaded the next day, along with
Audio Podcasts on iTunes.

For more information go to the website listed above!

Make this a weekly discussion for your ASL classes and learn together!
Possible Contact Hours?

Past guest: Jack Jason, tv Terrylene, tv Deanne Bray, tv Cheryl Moose,
RID Windell Smith Jr, coda Antonio Goodiwn, NAOBI Dan Parvaz, Lianna
Carrera, comedian Sara Bingham, WeeHands And many more other guests
from the ASL Community

NIC Master
Email: [email protected]

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