GTID Workshop and Meeting 4/29/12 – Beaumont

GTID Workshop and Meeting 4/29/12 – Beaumont

GTID General Meeting
Q & A: “Agency to Freelance”

Interpreters have always been asked where they “work”, along with the “pros and cons”. GTID, the Golden Triangle Interpreters for the Deaf, has been invited back for a second Q&A by Lamar University’s Signing Cardinals. This two-hour discussion panel will touch on the topic of the working environment and the career opportunities new and seasoned interpreters face every day. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of interpreters who have all worked as Freelance, Independent Contractor, Vendor, Employee, Staff and Owner, in a safe and informative

The LU ASL students are encouraged to attend the GTID General Meeting, prior to the Q & A, in order to meet members of the local Professional Interpreting Organization. Our field is diverse and growing exponentially;

come join us for an afternoon of shared experiences.

Date: Sunday, April 29, 2012


2:00 – 3:00
3:00 – 5:00

GTID General Meeting
Q & A Panel: Agency or Freelance

Location: Lamar University * Speech and Hearing Bldg. * Beaumont, Texas

Admission: There is no fee for student or general admission to attend the event.

Requesting CEUs: There will be a $10.00 processing fee for BEI/RID* CEUs, if approved. BEI CEUs pending
*Participants requesting RID CEUs will need to register and attach a completed PINRA form by 4/20/12.

This seminar provides an outlet where interpreters and students, new to the field of interpreting, can work to possess professional skills and knowledge, demonstrate respect for colleagues and to engage in professional development. All of which are activities that follow the Tenets set forth in the Code of Professional Conduct.

For more information, deadlines or refund policy, please contact the GTID Representative,
Paige Abshire at: [email protected], or by phone/txt 979– Beau218-7533

Send completed registration form and payment, as required, to:

GTID * P.O. Box 20966 * Beaumont, Texas 77720-0966

Download registration form (DOC format)

(cut along line)

Q & A: Agency to Freelance

Name: _________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

City, State, Zip: __________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________

Requesting CEUs: No___ Yes___ (if Yes) Amount enclosed: $ 10.00

Special Accommodation: __________________________________________________ (request by 4/20/12)

Phone: ___________________________ cell/home/office

Cash * Check * Online (circle one)

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