Special Invitation for Deafnetwork.com subscribers and readers

Invitation for Deafnetwork.com subscribers and readers to Special
Business – Focused Training Boot Camp:

You are welcome to attend our limited edition event as a special
business-focused training boot camp at the University of California,
Rady Business College in San Diego.

Top trainers and experts would prefer a limited number of participants
for top quality training and skills development.

Dates: October 25-27, 2012

Biz Bootcamp is an intensive training program that designed to boost
and upgrade your mastery.

Our cores of the Biz Boot Camp program:

1. ROI/Profitability on Social Media

2. Business Leadership and Teamwork

3. Marketing Patterns and Strategies

4. Social Customer Relationship

5. Executives Panel

6. Discussion Panels

7. Business Solutions

You want to project excellence, competence, and leadership ability as
well as deliver on those attributes.

Learn more, delve deeper, with new information at Business Bootcamp.
Make your business top of mind.

Business Bootcamp is is designed to get you in top shape on ALL or

Early bird discounted registration is available until July 30, 2012:


Facebook page:

Business Boot Camp and Expo
October 25-27, 2012
San Diego, CA

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