Dallas Deaf Club: General Meeting & Election 11/23/13


Dallas Association of the Deaf will have its annual office elections this coming Saturday, November 23, 2013. Please prepare to attend the important meeting to vote for whom you want to be a candidate for officers next year.

The membership general meeting and elections will start at 7:30 p.m.

DAD needs you, as a good standing member, to run for any office or to serve on the Compliance Team (one-year term). The Compliance Team is to replace the board system which was abolished by the members earlier this year. Three of the candidates who are elected by members will oversee the organization policies and property. See Blanka Anselmo if you are interested in running for office or contact her at the email address of [email protected]

The DAD election for 2014 will be president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, two (2) auditors, and Compliance Team (elect three 3).

DAD is operated and owned by the paying-due members as it is a private Deaf club.

DAD property’s value is now over $1,000,000 because DAD is surrounded by new developments in the area.

DAD is pleased to announce that Attorney Jared Aldinger of the Schorr Law Firm has been hired by DAD as our regular corporate attorney to focus on DAD matters.

DAD relies heavily on your support to keep DAD running to serve the Deaf community needs. DAD is an excellent site for everyone in the Deaf community to enjoy our true Deaf culture.

DAD counts on you for your attendance to the meeting/elections this coming Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

And please do spread around about this important elections/meeting for 2014.

Submitted by Herb Picou

Contact Information
VP: 469-522-2911
Email: [email protected]

Dallas Association of the Deaf, Inc.
4215 Maple Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219-2402

Website: http://www.dallasdeafclub.org/

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