‘Stomp’ comes to Texas School for the Deaf

‘Stomp’ comes to Texas School for the Deaf




April 1, 2014

AUSTIN — A performance group known around the world held a special workshop Tuesday afternoon at Texas School for the Deaf.

Members of “Stomp” including Penelope Wendtlandt taught 25 students at the South Austin campus. Wendtlandt went to school in Austin and says she’s grateful to give back.

“I went to high school here, the Austin Waldorf School. I trained at Tapestry Dance Company,” said Wendtlandt.

Students learned one of Stomp’s routines step by step. They say they can feel the vibrations and the beat.

“My favorite part is when we started to pick it up and feel the rhythm,” said student Daniella Reyna.

“It’s hard to pick up, but once you got it, it’s easier,” said student Travis Wolf.

Stomp is performing at the Parmount Theatre in downtown Austin Tuesday night through Sunday. The students will attend a Stomp performance Wednesday night.

“Many people aren’t aware deaf people can enjoy music. They think it’s not possible, and it’s not true,” said Peggy Ann Wenger, student development coordinator at Texas School for the Deaf.



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