Deaf Performer or CDI Wanted for Pregame Show


Hi!!!! Exciting prospect! I got a call today asking for an interpreter for a performed song for a LARGE venue coming up in January in Arlington, Texas at the AT&T Stadium: The College Football National Championship. I told them that I could do this, or I could send an interpreter, but since it is a “performance” and not an interpreting assignment- they would better represent the Deaf Community by hiring a DEAF PERFORMER or a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI)… They like the idea!

NOW, I have been asked to locate a selection of Deaf performers/CDIs, that this hiring company can choose from, to sign “America the Beautiful” AND “Star Spangled Banner” (with a famous, unnamed performer) for the pregame show. They are not disclosing who the performing artist is at this time. They did agree to either a male or female CDI or Deaf performing artist depending on their resume/credentials.

A total of 4-5 hours time reserved. Some for practice and then for the performance. The performance will be sometime between 6:00-7:30pm on January 12, 2015. Practice will be earlier the same day (exact time of practice- unknown)

I need:

-The deaf person’s name
-Phone AND email contact info
-Their qualifications/credentials as a performer
-Their choice of payment- a ticket to the game OR payment for 4-5 hours to include the practice session and performance session.
-Their requested per hour payment amount
-Permission to share this information with the potential hiring entity, so the chosen Deaf performer or CDI can be contacted for the job.

I need to turn this list of “potential choice” Deaf Performers/CDIs in by or before close of business Eastern Time (4:00 PM here) on 12/3/2014. I need the info by 10:00am Wednesday morning so I have time to compile it and send them their choices on Wednesday afternoon by or before 4:00pm. They will then determine who they will use.


Phyllis S. Bullon – President
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