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May 6, 2015

Good morning!

In case you don’t know me, my name is Grant Laird, Jr from Dallas, Texas.

I’ve been posting announcements and flyers thousands of times over 15 years at

I want to talk directly to those who contact me frequently for posting announcements and flyers, as well as advertising. We’ve noticed a few things and want to talk about it. It is not mandatory, but it is highly suggested. Everything we post on website will be automatically archived forever. The purpose of archiving (10,000+ pages) is to help improve content, research, look up old times, etc.

We usually save all downloadable files such as PDF, JPEG, DOC, etc. If you find it there, you can download it. If you can’t find it there, you will not be able to download it at all.

We will always ask for text version. We prefer to have both flyer(s) and text versions. There’s a reason behind it, to improve the search for content on our website and on Google. It is easier to read the content on your smartphone such as Blackberry, iPhone, and Android phones and it also makes it easier for visually impaired folks to enlarge the words and makes it less complicated (less colors, too) to see and read.

Keep in mind, PDF is a popular format to choose. However, you cannot display it on a web page. We will need the JPG for display purposes. But we can copy the text from the PDF directly, most of the time. If you want to post a video, send us the YouTube link, and yes it is a popular choice. However, if you prefer to send us the downloadable video file, you can do that and we will put it under our Deaf Network server.

Regarding the date format, we prefer a full format date or full words, not abbreviated words, including hyperlink addresses.

Date Format Example:
May 6, 2015 (yes)
5/6/15 (no)
May 6th (no)
May 6, 15 (no)

State Name Format Example:
Texas (yes)
TX (no)
Tex (no)

Time Format Example:
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (yes)
7:00 PM to Close (yes)
7pm to 10pm (no)
7pm-10pm (no)

Month Name Format Example:
January (yes)
Jan (no)

Hyperlink or Website Address Format Example: (yes) (yes) (no) (no) (no) (no)

Most of the time, the announcements are good. We just want to remind you about some small details. The primary reason is to make it easier for anybody to find information on Google and on Deaf Network’s website. Also, it’s more clear and quicker to read those formats. Don’t be lazy on format details, be proud and professional with your announcements and flyers!

Some of you who frequently send announcements, we are willing to give you access so you can post it yourself. If you are interested, email me and find out!

We hate to post another announcement about events to explain its been cancelled or postponed due to weather or other cancellations. If you need to postpone or cancel due to weather disasters (a winter storm, for example), all original announcements should already have a Plan B in advance in case of bad weather. People should be able to contact you (email, text, etc.) or check on Facebook for the status regarding your event.

Everything we post on our website will go to Facebook and Twitter immediately. They are wonderful social media and both are good ways to spread the word about your event or announcement outside the Deaf community. We always include the shortcut link on every post.

Over 99.99% of all requests have been posted, we rarely reject the request. We are unbiased and open to any kind as long as it relates to the Deaf community in Texas and surrounding states like New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

We are proud to say we have been doing it for 18 years as of November 2015. Thank you for supporting Deaf Network!!

Also, thank you to all advertisers and all donations that have supported us over the years!! One more thing, a special thank you to Brenden Gilbert to occasionally check on our server to make sure everything runs well & Chrissy Snider for helping out with posting!!

We would love to hear your feedback!! Smile!

Grant W. Laird, Jr.
Owner & Operated of since 1997

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